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Titles by Provider

Revised August 5, 2002

This table shows which providers have published the titles within the study's dates of coverage.

Provider Journal Title Dates of Study Coverage
American Chemical Society Accounts of Chemical Research v.29(1996)-
American Chemical Society Chemical Research in Toxicology v.9(1996)-
American Chemical Society Chemical Reviews v.96(1996)-
American Chemical Society Inorganic Chemistry v.35(1996)-
American Chemical Society Journal of chemical and engineering data v.41(1996)-
American Chemical Society Journal of chemical information and computer sciences v.36(1996)-
American Chemical Society Journal Of Organic Chemistry v.61(1996)-
American Chemical Society Journal Of the American Chemical Society v.118(1996)-
American Chemical Society Langmuir v.12(1996)-
American Chemical Society Macromolecules v.29(1996)-
American Chemical Society Organometallics v.15(1996)-
American Chemical Society Count 11
American Physical Society Physical Review A v.1(1970)-
American Physical Society Physical Review B v.1(1970)-
American Physical Society Physical Review E v 47- (1993)-
American Physical Society Count 3
BlackwellScience British Journal of Haematology v.100(1998)-
BlackwellScience Clinical & Experimental Immunology v.111(1998)-
BlackwellScience Development Growth & Differentiation v.41(1999)-
BlackwellScience Ecological Research v.14(1999)-
BlackwellScience European Journal of Biochemistry v.251(1998)-
BlackwellScience European Journal of Soil Science v.50(1999)-
BlackwellScience Freshwater Biology v.41(1999)-
BlackwellScience Geophysical Journal International v.132(1998)-
BlackwellScience Heredity v.82(1999)-
BlackwellScience Immunology v.93(1998)-
BlackwellScience Journal of Applied Ecology v.1(1964)-v. 36(1999)
BlackwellScience Journal of Biogeography v.9(1982)-
BlackwellScience Journal of Evolutionary Biology v.10(1997)-
BlackwellScience Journal of Microscopy v.190:3(1998)-
BlackwellScience New phytologist (also listed under JSTOR) v.1(1902)-
BlackwellScience Plant Cell and Environment v.21(1998)-
BlackwellScience Systematic Entomology v.24(1999)-
BlackwellScience Count 17
Company of Biologists Development v.116(1992)-
Company of Biologists Count 1
Elsevier Accounting, Organizations And Society v.20(1995)-
Elsevier Acta Psychologica v.89(1995)-
Elsevier Addictive Behaviors v.20(1995)-
Elsevier Advances In Colloid & Interface Science v.55(1995)-
Elsevier Advances In Enzyme Regulation v.35(1995)-
Elsevier Alcohol v.12(1995)-
Elsevier American journal of cardiology v.75(1995)-
Elsevier American Journal of Medicine v.98(1995)-
Elsevier Annals Of Epidemiology v.5(1995)-
Elsevier Antiviral Research v.26(1995)-
Elsevier Archives Of Gerontology And Geriatrics v.20(1995)-
Elsevier Biochemical Pharmacology v.49(1995)-
Elsevier Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education v.23(1995)-
Elsevier Biological Conservation v.71(1995)-
Elsevier Biological Psychiatry v.38(1995)-
Elsevier Biological Psychology v.39(1995)-
Elsevier Biosensors And Bioelectronics v.10(1995)-
Elsevier Brain Research Bulletin v.36(1995)-
Elsevier Cancer Letters v.88(1995)-
Elsevier Carbohydrate Research v.266(1995)-
Elsevier Chemical Geology v.119(1995)-
Elsevier Chemical Physics Letters v.232(1995)-
Elsevier Chemistry And Physics Of Lipids v.77(1995)-
Elsevier Clinica Chimica Acta v.233(1995)-
Elsevier Clinical Biochemistry v.28(1995)-
Elsevier Clinical Neurophysiology v.110(1999)-
Elsevier Cognition v.54(1995)-
Elsevier Computer Networks And Isdn Systems v.27(1995)-v.30(1998).
Elsevier Computers & Chemistry v.19(1995)-
Elsevier Computers & Graphics v.19(1995)-
Elsevier Computers & Operations Research v.22(1995)-
Elsevier Computers In Biology And Medicine v.25(1995)-
Elsevier Contraception v.51(1995)-
Elsevier Coordination Chemistry Reviews v.138(1995)-
Elsevier Crop Protection v.14(1995)-
Elsevier Current Opinion in Cell Biology v.11(1999)-
Elsevier Data & Knowledge Engineering v.14(1995)-
Elsevier Diabetes Research And Clinical Practice v.27(1995)-
Elsevier Discrete Applied Mathematics v.56(1995)-
Elsevier Earth Science Reviews v.39(1995)-
Elsevier Economics Of Education Review v.14(1995)-
Elsevier European Economic Review v.39(1995)-
Elsevier European Journal Of Pharmacology v.273(1995)-
Elsevier Gene v.152(1995)-
Elsevier General Pharmacology v.26(1995)-
Elsevier Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta v.59(1995)-
Elsevier Geomorphology v.12 (1995)-
Elsevier Human Immunology v.42(1995)-
Elsevier Image And Vision Computing v.13(1995)-
Elsevier Information Processing Letters v.53(1995)-
Elsevier Information Sciences v.82(1995)-
Elsevier Inorganica Chimica Acta v.228(1995)-
Elsevier Insect Biochemistry And Molecular Biology v.25(1995)-
Elsevier International Journal For Parasitology v.25(1995)-
Elsevier International Journal Of Cardiology v.47(1995)-
Elsevier International Journal Of Forecasting v.11(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Accounting And Economics v.19(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Banking And Finance v.19(1995)-
Elsevier Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry v.26(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Biomechanics v.28(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Development Economics v.46(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Econometrics v.65(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization v.26(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Economics And Business v.47(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Financial Economics v.37(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Immunological Methods v.178(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Inorganic Biochemistry v.57(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Insect Physiology v.41(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of International Economics v.38(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Neuroimmunology v.56(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Neuroscience Methods v.56(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Organometallic Chemistry v.485(1995)-
Elsevier Journal of Physiology-Paris v.89(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Product Innovation Management v.12(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Psychiatric Research v.29(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Psychosomatic Research v.39(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Public Economics v.56(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Pure And Applied Algebra v.100(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Reproductive Immunology v.28(1995)-
Elsevier Journal of socio-economics v.27(1998)-
Elsevier Journal Of Systems And Software v.28(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of The Neurological Sciences v.128(1995)-
Elsevier Journal Of Volcanology And Geothermal Research v.65(1995)-
Elsevier Lancet v.348(1996)-
Elsevier Language & Communication v.15(1995)-
Elsevier Life Sciences v.56(1995)-
Elsevier Molecular And Cellular Endocrinology v.107(1995)-
Elsevier Molecular Immunology v.32(1995)-
Elsevier Neural Networks v.8(1995)-
Elsevier Neurochemistry International v.26(1995)-
Elsevier Neuropharmacology v.34(1995)-
Elsevier Neuroscience v.64(1995)-
Elsevier Neuroscience Letters v.184(1995)-
Elsevier Neuroscience Research v.21(1995)-
Elsevier Obstetrics & Gynecology v.85(1995)-
Elsevier Omega v.23(1995)-
Elsevier Operations Research Letters v.17(1995)-
Elsevier Pacific-Basin Finance Journal v.3(1995)-
Elsevier Pain v.60(1995)-
Elsevier Parallel Computing v.21(1995)-
Elsevier Pattern Recognition Letters v.16(1995)-
Elsevier Peptides v.16(1995)-
Elsevier Performance Evaluation v.21(1995)-
Elsevier Pharmacology Biochemistry And Behavior v.50(1995)-
Elsevier Physiology & Behavior v.57(1995)-
Elsevier Phytochemistry v.38(1995)-
Elsevier Planetary And Space Science v.43 (1995)-
Elsevier Plant Science v.104(1995)-
Elsevier Polyhedron v.14(1995)-
Elsevier Progress In Lipid Research v.34(1995)-
Elsevier Progress In Solid State Chemistry v.23(1995)-
Elsevier Progress In Surface Science v.48(1995)-
Elsevier Quaternary International v.25(1995)-
Elsevier Reactive And Functional Polymers v.25(1995)-
Elsevier Sedimentary Geology v.100(1995)-
Elsevier Social Networks v.17(1995)-
Elsevier Soil Biology & Biochemistry v.27(1995)-
Elsevier Solid State Communications v.93(1995)-
Elsevier Steroids v.60(1995)-
Elsevier Talanta v.42(1995)-
Elsevier Tetrahedron Letters v.36(1995)-
Elsevier Theoretical Computer Science v.137(1995)-
Elsevier Thermochimica Acta v.248(1995)-
Elsevier Topology And Its Applications v.61(1995)-
Elsevier Toxicology v.96(1995)-
Elsevier Transplantation Proceedings v.29(1997)-
Elsevier Trends In Ecology And Evolution Including Compendi v.10(1995)-
Elsevier Trends In Endocrinology & Metabolism v.6(1995)-
Elsevier Ultrasound In Medicine And Biology v.21(1995)-
Elsevier Vision Research v.35(1995)-
Elsevier Count 130
IDEAL Animal Behaviour v.59(2000)-
IDEAL Annals of Physics v.279(2000)-
IDEAL Cellular Immunology v.200 (2000)-
IDEAL Cognitive Psychology v.30(1996)-
IDEAL Graphical Models and Image Processing v.62(2000)-
IDEAL Information and Computation v.124(1996)-
IDEAL International Journal of Human Computer Studies v.44(1996)-
IDEAL Journal of Algorithms v.20(1996)-
IDEAL Journal of Arid Environments v.44(2000)-
IDEAL Journal of Computational Physics v.157(2000)-
IDEAL Journal of Computer and System Sciences v.52(1996)-
IDEAL Journal of Differential Equations v.124(1996)-
IDEAL Journal of Molecular Biology v.295 (2000)-
IDEAL Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing v.33(1996)-
IDEAL Social Science Research v.25(1996)-
IDEAL Count 15
Institute of Physics Classical & Quantum Gravity v.8(1991)-
Institute of Physics European Journal of Physics v.12(1991)-
Institute of Physics Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and general v24 (1991)-
Institute of Physics Journal of physics. B, Atomic, molecular and optical physics v.24(1991)-
Institute of Physics Journal of physics. Condensed matter v.3(1991)-
Institute of Physics Journal of physics. D, Applied physics v.24(1991)-
Institute of Physics Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physics v.17(1991)-
Institute of Physics Nonlinearity v.4(1991)-
Institute of Physics Physics Education v.26 (1991)-
Institute of Physics Plasma Physics & Controlled Fusion v.38(1996)-
Institute of Physics Reports on Progress in Physics v.54(1991)-
Institute of Physics Count 11
JSTOR American journal of botany v.28(1941)-82(1995)
JSTOR American midland naturalist v.1(1909)-v.138(1997)
JSTOR American naturalist v.84(1950)-152(1998)
JSTOR American quarterly v.1(1949)- (1996)
JSTOR Annals of mathematical statistics v.1(1930)-v.43(1972)
JSTOR Annals of mathematics v.1(1884)-142(1995)
JSTOR Annals of probability v.1(1973)-v.23(1995)
JSTOR Annals of statistics v.1(1973)-v.23(1995)
JSTOR Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden v.1(1914)-v.82(1995)
JSTOR Annual review of ecology and systematics v.1(1970)-v.26(1995)
JSTOR Biometrika v.1(1901)-v.82(1995)
JSTOR Biotropica v.1(1969)-(1996)
JSTOR Botanical gazette v.2(1876)-152(1991)
JSTOR Brittonia v.1(1931)-v.47(1995)
JSTOR Callaloo v.1(1976)-
JSTOR Ecological monographs v.1(1931)-66(1996)
JSTOR Ecology v.1(1920)-77(1996)
JSTOR ELH v.1(1934)-
JSTOR Evolution v.1(1947)-v.51(1997)
JSTOR Global ecology and biogeography letters v.1(1991)-6(1997)
JSTOR International journal of plant sciences v.2(1876)-v.159(1998)
JSTOR Journal of Animal Ecology v.1(1932)-(1998)
JSTOR Journal of business v.1-v. 68(1996)
JSTOR Journal of Ecology v.1(1913)-v.85(1997)
JSTOR Journal of military history v.53(1989)- (1998)
JSTOR Journal of Negro history v.1(1916)-(1997)
JSTOR Journal of southern history v.1(1935)-(1995)
JSTOR Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics v.1(1953)-13(1965)
JSTOR Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society v.1(1870)-v.124(1997)
JSTOR Journal of tropical ecology v.1(1985)-v.11(1995)
JSTOR Limnology and oceanography v.1(1956)-v.42(1997)
JSTOR Mathematical tables and other aids to computation v.1(1943)-13(1959)
JSTOR MLN v.1(1886)-
JSTOR New phytologist v.1(1902)-
JSTOR Paleobiology v.1(1975)-22(1996)
JSTOR Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences v.354(1996)-v.355(1997)
JSTOR Philosophical Transactions: Physical Sciences and Engineering v.332(1990)-353(1995)
JSTOR Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America v.16(1930)-95(1998)
JSTOR Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences v.147(1934)-429(1990)
JSTOR Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences v.116(1934)-240(1990)
JSTOR Proceedings: Mathematical and physical sciences v430(1990) - v451(1995)
JSTOR Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences v.452(1996)- v.453(1997)
JSTOR Quarterly review of biology v.1(1926)-v.70(1995)
JSTOR SIAM journal on applied mathematics v.14(1966)- (1996)
JSTOR SIAM journal on numerical analysis v.1-2(1964-65) - 32(1996)
JSTOR SIAM review v.1(1959)-(1996)
JSTOR Systematic biology v.1(1951)-v.46(1997)
JSTOR Systematic botany v.1(1976)-v.20(1995)
JSTOR Transactions of the American Mathematical Society v.1(1900)-v.347(1995)
JSTOR Count 49
Kluwer Journal of Automated Reasoning v.18(1997)-
Kluwer Machine Learning v.26(1997)-
Kluwer Count 2
Liebert DNA and cell biology v.18(1999)-
Liebert Count 1
National Research Council Canada Canadian Journal of Chemistry v.76(1998)-
National Research Council Canada Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences v.53(1996)-
National Research Council Canada Count 2
Project Muse American journal of philology v.117(1996)-
Project Muse American quarterly (also listed under JSTOR) v.1(1949)- (1996)
Project Muse Callaloo (also listed under JSTOR) v.1(1976)-
Project Muse Camera obscura number43(2000)
Project Muse Cinema journal v.39(1999)-
Project Muse Diacritics v.26(1996)-
Project Muse ELH (also listed under JSTOR) v.1(1934)-
Project Muse Ethnohistory v.46(1999)-
Project Muse French historical studies v.22(1999)-
Project Muse Henry James review v.16(1995)-
Project Muse History and memory v.11(1999)-
Project Muse Journal of cold war studies v.1(1999)-
Project Muse Journal of interdisciplinary history v.30(1999)-
Project Muse Journal of world history v.10(1999)-
Project Muse MLN (also listed under JSTOR) v.1(1886)-
Project Muse New literary history v.26(1995)-
Project Muse Philosophy and literature v.19(1995)-
Project Muse Social science history v.23, issue 4 (1999)-
Project Muse Theater v.29(1999)-
Project Muse Theatre journal v.48(1996)-
Project Muse Yale journal of criticism v.9(1996)-
Project Muse Count 21
Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical communications v.34(1997)-v.36(1999).
Royal Society of Chemistry Count 1
SIAM SIAM Journal on Computing v.26(1997) -
SIAM SIAM Journal on Optimization v.7(1997)-
SIAM Count 2
Wiley InterScience American Journal of Medical Genetics v.68(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology v.34(1997)-
Wiley InterScience BioEssays v.20(1998)-
Wiley InterScience Biopolymers v.43(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics v.50(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Concurrency: Practice and Experience v.9(1997)-v.12(2000)
Wiley InterScience Developmental Psychobiology v.30(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics v.26(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Electrophoresis v.20(1999)-
Wiley InterScience Helvetica Chimica Acta v.81(1998)-
Wiley InterScience International Journal of Cancer v.70(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Journal of Basic Microbiology v.38(1998)-
Wiley InterScience Journal of Computational Chemistry v.18(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Journal of Mass Spectrometry v.32(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Journal of Morphology v.231(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Journal of Neuroscience Research v.47(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science v.162(1999)-
Wiley InterScience Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics v.199(1998)-
Wiley InterScience Macromolecular Rapid Communications v.19(1998)-
Wiley InterScience Molecular Reproduction and Development v.46(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics v.27(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Research in Nursing & Health v.19(1996)-
Wiley InterScience Software: Practice and Experience v.27(1997)-
Wiley InterScience Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie v.624(1998)-
Wiley InterScience Count 24
Count - All Publishers (5 titles have 2 publishers within the study's dates of coverage) 290


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