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CMI > Project Data

Project Data

Our reports and spreadsheets. Most reports are available in HTML as well as Excel; the larger files may take some time to load.



  • Preliminary Findings from the Journal Use and User Preference Studies
    Created for campus review. Revised July 21, 2003.
    View (HTML, 13K)


Usage Data

  • Chart
    Shows complete print and digital usage data for the study period. Revised March 14, 2003.
    View (HTML, 2K)

  • By Subject Area and Study Title
    Compilations of usage data reported by campus libraries, storage facilities and publishers each quarter. Sorted by subject area, then title. Revised March 13, 2003.


Title Data

  • Charts
    Show number of titles and physical volumes in study by subject category. Also, displays the distribution of control vs. experimental titles at each campus.
    View (HTML, 2K)

  • By Campus
    Detail report sorted by campus, then experimental/control status, then journal title. Also contains ISSN's and dates of coverage. Revised July 8, 2002.
    View (HTML, 90K) | Download (Excel, 83K)

  • By Provider
    Detail report sorted by provider, then journal title. Also contains dates of study coverage. Revised August 5, 2002.
    View (HTML, 36K) | Download (Excel, 43K)

  • With Subject Descriptors
    Detail report sorted by journal title. Includes subject, subject category, LC and ISSN. Revised August 1, 2002.
    View (HTML, 50K) | Download (Excel, 55K)


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Last updated: July 21, 2003.