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CMI > For Library Staff > Kick Off Checklist of Tasks

Kick Off Checklist of Tasks

A checklist (3rd revision) of tasks for CMI liaisons prior to October 1 launch date.

Experimental Libraries

  • Remove current issues and bound volumes for all journal titles that have been selected for the study from the shelves (see for database of Final Matched Pairs with Experimental Coverage).

  • Mark current issues and bound volumes with labels, with the exception of campuses depositing at the NRLF.

  • Relocate current issues and bound volumes to storage location, e.g., NRLF, SRLF or local storage facility.

  • Post signs on empty shelves where journal volumes were shelved to alert users that UC is participating in a research study and that an electronic version of the title is available (see for adaptable text for signs).

  • Create handouts from adaptable text provided at to be used at public service desks and at the shelf as appropriate.

  • Provide comment cards at public service desks and at the shelves where experimental titles were shelved (see for adaptable text for comment cards)

  • Send out opening day letter to faculty and campus administrators, if determined appropriate. (see for adaptable text)

  • Submit news articles to local campus newsletters/newspapers (see for adaptable text)

  • Make copies of the survey form to be included with a study volume, issue or photocopy returned from storage at the request of a user

  • Coordinate with SRLF, NRLF and local storage facilities to retain copies of requests for current issues and volumes relocated to an RLF or to a local storage facility and develop procedures to match requests with survey forms

  • Change bibliographic holdings records in local online catalogs to reflect the change in location of the experimental titles

Control Libraries

  • Mark current issues and volumes of study titles with labels so that library staff will be able to determine which volumes/issues are part of the study.

  • Insert Use Data Slips inside the front or back cover of study volumes and current issues. These slips will be used by staff to record "each instance of re-shelving."

  • Create handouts from adaptable text.

RLF's and Campus Storage Units*

  • Shelve study titles in separate location

  • Prepare procedures to retain copies of request form and match with the completed survey forms

  • Make copies of the survey form to be provided with each volume/issue/photocopy in response to a request from the owning campus (see ______ for copy of the survey form)

* In some cases, the local storage facility staff may be responsible for many of the tasks listed under Experimental Libraries as well.

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Last updated: October 31, 2001.