What people say about us:

The business process analysis allowed us to reexamine our day-to-day activities and identify opportunities where we could streamline our processes.  The business process analysis was very effective in engaging the department members to think differently about how our work is done and question practices that have been in place for many years.  We’ve already been able to make some changes, such as increasing the number of direct deposits and reducing paper checks, as a result of the project.
Peggy Arrivas, Associate Vice President and Systemwide Controller

"Karla and her team were very professional, well organized and developed good working relationships with our staff.  We had a very compressed timeline for completing a review of our administrative units, so the personal relationships were critical.  In addition, she was able to demonstrate how additional “deep dives” into specific units could be helpful, and we are continuing to work with her in those areas."
Jan Corlett, Chief of Staff, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Our department had many concerns regarding the printer initiative, including whether the equipment would accommodate specific functionality that we required. Despite the press of time and enormity of the installation process, Donna and her team were proactive in reaching out and determining our unique needs, and excellent in their follow-up on outstanding issues. Throughout the process, they demonstrated a positive “can-do” approach, which greatly facilitated the implementation.
Marsha Sato, Deputy to VP-Budget & Capital Resources

In reference to Donna Collins:
"On a personal level, I know your handling of the in-flight remodel project at Kaiser and making the arrangements for WorkFit space at Franklin most impacted me and hence the OP audience.  I chose this particular instance because of the broad, far reaching systemwide impact of the topic AND it illustrates you personal actions in support of the UC mission:  We Teach.  We do Research.  We provide public service. You are truly the foundation, the Rock of BASC."
Janine Ford Crocker, Program Assistant, Environment, Health & Safety

 The team was able to draw input and contributions from Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) Staff who had no history in being “verbal” and communicative beyond the confines of their own unit and/or circle of friends.  The team also developed a good basic understanding of what we actually do in the RASC, which enhances their ability to lead the various meetings and sessions that have kept this project on target."

The team connected well with all levels within the organization, quickly grasping the business processes, and seeing the big picture as well as the granular.   They push back the right amount to get people thinking."

They did a great job of overall management of the project and in particular, keeping people on track. They exhibited a sense of ownership – it’s not “just another project”, it’s something that is important to them personally that they want to see succeed.”
Joe Lewis, Retirement Administration Service Center

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Ginny Cox Delaney as we undertook a reorganization effort within the Research Grants Program Office. We literally could not have accomplished all that we accomplished in RGPO without her insights, hard work, and project management skills. She was invaluable in moving us forward to a more collaborative, matrixed environment with standardized policies and procedures. Ginny was always willing to take the lead, yet she empowered the staff to take leadership positions and learn project management skills. Her leadership and assistance were invaluable."
Mary Croughan, Executive Director, RGPO

The activities worked very well for what we were trying to achieve."

"One thing that made a huge difference was the facilitator’s familiarity with the group and the somewhat unique nature of the work we do.
Wendy Streitz, Executive Director, Research Policy Analysis and Coordination