These spreadsheets are prepared by UCOP staff as a tool to facilitate better understanding of major capital projects by documenting how the different aspects of a project relate to a "universe" of similar projects. This information is not intended to be used as a standard method for determining an appropriate budget or program for a major capital project. Although projects within each category are the same type of project, they should not be treated as directly "comparable" without the benefit of additional detailed project information and thorough analysis and development of an estimate.

The projects are organized in separate spreadsheets by generalized project type. The source of the information for each project is the most recent project Capital Improvement Budget (CIB). Supplemental project information, such as number of beds, number of cars, etc., originates from Project Planning Guides (PPGs) and/or Regents' Actions.

The projects can be trended to a given CCCI index by changing the CCCI "adjust to" index number in the upper right-hand box of the spreadsheet.