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California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

Lead campus: UC San Diego
Cooperating campus: UC Irvine
For more information:

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology will research and develop prototype technologies to extend the reach and capacity of the "new Internet." Sweeping changes in the structure and scale of Internet telecommunications will occur over the next decade as large numbers of mobile "end points" - information appliances, sensor arrays and embedded processors - are added to digital wireless extensions of the current Internet.

At the same time, tens of millions of households and businesses will move from modems to broadband connections. This combination implies huge increases in the Internet's backbone capacity, leading to an all-optical core architecture.

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology will team UC San Diego and UC Irvine faculty, students and research professionals with leading California companies to develop the scientific and technological components required to create a new Internet. It will focus on gathering critical data and making it easily available for interpretation.

The organization of the institute is farsighted: it will not be a loose collection of faculty research projects, but a well-considered strategic plan to conduct an interdisciplinary, integrated study of the impact of the new Internet telecommunications infrastructure on California.

Institute scientists will "live in the future" as they create revolutionary advances in applications important to California's economy: environmental and civil infrastructure assessment, transportation, health care, artistic expression, e-commerce, and education.

Irwin Mark Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, QUALCOMM Incorporated:
"The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology at UCSD and UC Irvine will offer an innovative environment for research that will benefit the wireless industry. The combined expertise of academia and the private sector provides an opportunity for Calit2 to influence how we communicate in the era of convergence of the Internet and wireless communications. Calit2 also addresses the communications industry's need for continued access to a highly skilled workforce."

Henry Samueli, chief technology officer, Broadcom Corp:
"This institute will offer myriad benefits - not just to our company, but to the high-tech industry in general - through the education of outstanding engineers and scientists and through the research and development of new methods and technologies that will change the way the world lives and works."

Ake Persson, president, Ericsson Wireless Communications Inc. San Diego:
"Ericsson is extremely pleased to sponsor the research activity of Calit2. We believe that investment in research programs such as this one will have a significant global impact on the industry and the evolution of communications."

Robert Dietterle, chief technology officer,communications and information systems, The Boeing Company:
"We are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking effort, and pleased to work in collaboration with UC on areas that are mutually important and beneficial, from phase-arrayed antennas to networking, information systems and media arts."

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