Transfer & rehire process within UCOP departments

Inter-departmental transfer (between departments)

The separating department is responsible for:
  • Separation checklist (xlsx) (separating department completes steps and retains)
  • Submission of PAF. The BRC Payroll Team will work with supervisor or download approved timesheet from TRS.

Note: Employees are NOT paid for vacation when transferring without a break in service to another UC location. Comptime will be paid out to keep liability in department where time was earned. This also applies to inter-campus transfers.

The hiring department completes and submits the following to the BRC Payroll Team:
  • PAF
  • Offer letter
  • Copy of exception letter, if any (e.g. salary offer over max, relocation payment)
The BRC Payroll Team enters the data into the Employee Data Base (EDB), and updates the employee time sheet within one week.
In addition, the separating department should complete and retain the separation checklist (xlsx).

Rehire of retired employees

See HR policy and forms for the rehiring of retired employees.