How to handle FedEx

If the department has completed a Blanket Authorization, then no additional signatures are required. If a Blanket Authorization has not been completed, please include authorizing signature of individual with fiscal responsibility along with your request - scan and attach.

To request a FedEx label, complete and paste the BRC template into an email and send to the purchasing & payment team to process. If the department does not use the template, it must provide all of the following information in an email request:

  1. The name, address and phone number of the addressee;
  2. The name and address that should appear in the “shipped from” portion of the label;
  3. Your department code;
  4. Your department’s Full Accounting Unit (FAU) to charge;
  5. Type of delivery (e.g., Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight and direct signature, indirect signature or no signature required);
  6. Type of packaging (FedEx envelope is standard; if not, please provide the weight and dimensions).

BRC will enter the information into the BruinBuy system and produce a label which will be scanned and e-mailed back to you, in accordance with our service goals, same day if your request is received before 3:00.

Affix the FedEx label to your envelope and take to the FedEx drop box (keep a copy of the label if you wish to track delivery).

Drop box times:

  • Franklin building loading dock:  4:45 pm
  • Kaiser - Kinkos/FedEx office:  4:45 pm
  • Oakland City Center -  Kinkos/FedEx office:
    • Express east coast 5:30 pm 
    • Express west coast 7:00 pm 
    • Ground 6:00 pm