Vendor returns

Process narrative

  1. If the items delivered to the department are damaged, not what was ordered, or otherwise unacceptable, the department notifies the BRC and provides PO number with request.

  2. The BRC preparer asks the vendor for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). 

  3. The BRC preparer receives the RMA from the vendor, along with instructions for returning the items.  The BRC preparer sends the RMA instructions to the department.

  4. The department returns the items, following the instructions provided by the vendor.

  5. Upon receipt of the items, the vendor issues a credit or exchanges the items and ships back to the department.

  6. If the exchanged shipment is acceptable, the department initials and dates the packing slip and sends it to the BRC.

  7. If necessary, the BRC preparer processes a change order in BruinBuy to reflect any changes in the order.

  8. The packing slip and/or credit notice are filed in the BRC for future reconciliation.  The order is logged as “completed.”