Offsite Boxed Record Storage

Offsite storage services are available for UCOP offices located at the 1111 Franklin Building. Under the Records Storage Center Program, offices at Franklin may temporarily store certain inactive records that must be retained for a number of years for business purposes. If necessary, records may be retrieved from storage, usually by the next business day. Due to space constraints, most of the boxes are stored offsite at the warehouse of a professional storage vendor. The turnaround time for retrievals is the same, whether boxes are stored onsite or offsite.

Instructions for placing boxes into storage

For each box going to storage, certain information needs to be entered on both the vendor’s label that goes on the box and on the vendor’s transmittal sheet. The transmittal sheet may be thought of as the “deposit slip” for boxes that are sent to storage. Offices should retain the second (yellow) copy of the transmittal sheet as a record of what has been sent to storage.

Labels and transmittal sheets may be obtained by contacting Mail Services.


Standard storage boxes measuring approximately 10“ (h) x 12” (w) x 15" (d) must be used. The Records Storage Center cannot accept records packed in moving boxes or copier-paper boxes, which do not meet the size requirements of the vendor.

Box descriptions

On the transmittal sheet there is space for a description of the contents of each box. Distinctive descriptions should be chosen so that one, two or more years from their placement in storage, the contents may be easily identified without having to look inside the box. If codes or some other internal designation are used for the description, offices are responsible for maintaining inventories and knowing the contents of each box. Experience has proven that often, someone other than the person who places the records into storage is faced with the task of finding the correct box in which a needed item is stored, or deciding on the ultimate disposal of the box.


Every box must be labeled with a pre-printed label. Each label carries a unique number. This number will be used to retrieve the box forever: always refer to it when you ask to retrieve a box from Records Management.

All three areas of the label — the cost center, the destruction date, and the description — must be completed:

  • Dept/Cost Center: The assigned 3 to 5 character abbreviation for your dept/unit must be entered on each label.
  • Destruction: Do not be alarmed! UCOP is using this date to represent the review date, not a firm destruction date. No records will be destroyed without your sign-off. In these four spaces, enter the 2-digit month and 2-digit year when the contents are to be reviewed for possible disposal. Unless you have a University retention schedule for the records you are storing that allows for longer retention, this date should be no more than two years from the initial storage date.
  • Description: Use a portion or all of the sixty spaces to describe the records contained in the box.

Remove any other labels, Post-its, etc., from the outside of the box. Place the completed label on the lower right corner of the front of the box. The “front” of the box is either of the two panels with a handle hole.

New pick-up for storage

Once boxes are ready for pick-up and the forms are completed, send the top (white) copy of all transmittal sheets to Mail Services, 6th floor, Franklin. Do not send the boxes to Mail Services. Mail Services will schedule the pick-up for the next available time, usually within two working days.


Mail Services coordinates retrievals of boxes from storage. Standard turnaround for requests is next-day delivery. To retrieve boxes, you must email your request to Mail Services at Supply the box number(s) and address to which they should be delivered.