Account Structure
Disciplined method of linking accounts in a way to insure maximum control, yet to enable clearing the banking system of excess funds daily.
ACH Debit Blocking and Filtering
Bank services that are intended to prohibit unauthorized ACH debit activity against a company's bank accounts. Restrictions may either block ACH Debit activity altogether or allow only ACH debits from specifically authorized originators (filter).
Armored Courier
Delivery service that relies on the use of armored trucks and armed personnel for the secure transport of valuable cargo.
Bank Fees/Account Analysis
The Banking & Treasury Services Group analyzes and reports to campuses/labs all bank and armored courier charges that have been incurred on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis.
Banking Information & Reporting Systems
All of our partner banks offer reporting tools in order to obtain balance or transactional information on our accounts. Banks are now focusing on systems that can be accessed via the web and are looking to move away from desktop versions. Eventually, banks may stop supporting them altogether.
Cash Vault (coin & currency)
Various campus units courier their cash deposits to the bank for expediting processing in order to maximize earnings. This area of the bank, the cash vault, is where deposits are processed 24-hrs/day and where change funds are also made available.
Check Blocking
Instructions can be provided to the bank to prevent any checks from posting to an account. This is a tool that is typically used on Depository or Electronic Disbursement accounts.
Check Deposits
Check receipts are typically couriered to the bank, along with any cash received, on a periodic basis, most likely every business day if the amounts are substantial. It is ideal for funds to reach the bank as soon as possible in order to maximize investment earnings. In relation to armored courier servicing, since checks can be reconstructed from copies, it may not be necessary to pay for excess liability coverage with the armored couriers.
The University maintains Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) at various financial institutions used for deposit and/or disbursement of funds via paper/check instruments, ACH, wire transfer, or other cash-like instruments.
Contracts/Legal Review
When appropriate, all contracts negotiated by Banking & Treasury Services and signed by the President or his designate, are reviewed by University of California , Office of the General Counsel staff.
Controlled Disbursement Checking
A bank service that provides notification of the dollar amount of checks that will clear against the account that day. This information is usually available early in the morning, and allows an organization to better minimize account balances.
Corporate Travel Cards
Cardholder billed Credit Cards that may be issued to employees who travel on official University business. Any traveler issued such a card should use the card to pay for all expenses related to official University business.
Credit Card Payment Gateway
When a credit card merchant wants to accept credit card payments over the internet, a credit card payment gateway must be used to provide real-time authorization of each credit card transaction, as well as other risk mitigation and accounting services. UC has two preferred providers for Credit Card Payment Gateway service: and Cybersource.
Credit Card Processing
UC departments and business units who decide to take credit cards as a form of payment should be working through the designated Credit Card Coordinator (CCC) at each campus. The CCC's will establish a merchant account through UC's preferred provider for credit card acquisition of sales receipts. UC's current preferred provider is Chase Merchant Services (CMS). CMS is an alliance partner with First Data, one of the largest credit card processors in the world. It is critical that merchants work through the CCC on their campus to ensure optimal pricing and controls.
Data Transmission Systems
Secure system that is utilized to transmit payment or information to the bank.
Domestic Wire Transfer
The electronic transfer of immediate funds and supporting information between two financial institutions through the Federal Reserve funds transfer system.
Electronic Lockbox
Leading edge systems which eliminate all paper from the billing and remittance processing aspect of Medical Center as well as Professional Services receivables. UC is piloting these processes.
Foreign Currency Drafts and Wires
Services associated with the exchange/conversion of US dollar payments into equivalent foreign currency payments. Payments may be made through a number of different electronic payments systems or through the use of paper-based checks or drafts.
Funding Design
Design to enable Office of the Treasurer to fund Disbursement Accounts and identify available funds in Depository Accounts efficiently.
General Consulting
When campus or lab associates have problems or opportunities that involve banking or financial services, give BTS a call. We are skilled in many banking and finance related areas, and are pleased to provide assistance.
Information Distribution/Education
Cash management services are a specialized set of products developed by banks for their large corporate clients. As the institutional knowledge about these services increases, better day to day decisions can be made in UC's highly decentralized environment. The goal of this function is to provide tools and educational material stated in practical terms, in formats that are useful to the end-users of the corporate bank services. Examples are product primers, newsletter articles, guidelines and policies, and other tools created to make information about cash management services useful and understandable.
Optimization of Cash Flow
University of California pays for Banking & Treasury Services with hard dollars. Within reason, our goal is to clear all available funds from the Regents commercial accounts and provide the money to the Investment Professionals at the Office of the Treasurer.
Positive Pay
A service used to deter and prevent check fraud. The bank will only honor checks with serial numbers, dollar amounts, and now more recently available, payee names, that match the issue file supplied to the bank.
Procurement Charge Cards
A credit card authorized by the University to designated employees to enable the timely purchase of low value items or services from vendors for a department, in accordance with existing purchasing authorizations.
Retail Lockbox
This cash management service provides highly automated, high-speed processing of mailed-in check payments. In order to qualify for this type of service, a biller must provide uniform billing statements and detachable, machine-readable payment coupons. The payors must typically pay the amount due on the statement using a personal check. This service is typically used by large billers such as utilities and providers of consumer loans.
A specialized disbursement service developed with Wells Fargo and UCSD Medical Center as an alternative to the traditional petty cash payment system. Scrip is a negotiable "bearer" instrument, similar to a check, that is payable upon demand at a Wells Fargo branch. Unlike a business or personal check, Scrip does not contain the name of a specific payee and does not require photo identification from the individual presenting the item for payment.
SurePay Direct Deposit (ACH Credits)
An automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction that electronically transfers funds from UC directly to the employee's own bank account, in payment of compensation. Details are available via an ACH Primer that interprets ACH Operating Guidelines.
Task Forces & Committees
Banking & Treasury Services gets involved with various University groups organized to collaborate on specific projects such as RFI/RFP's or ongoing responsibilities such credit card processing or cash handling.
Wholesale Lockbox
A payment collection service that emphasizes float reduction and the timely handling of information associated with invoices that are being paid. Usually geared toward corporate-to-corporate payments, Wholesale Lockbox processing typically involves larger dollar checks that require greater manual processing than those payments received though a Retail Lockbox.
Zero Balance Systems (ZBA)
An account where credits and debits to be posted are netted at the close of each day. The ending account balance is automatically returned to zero with an offsetting entry from a company's master/concentration account.