UC has established articulation agreements with, and granted program status to, various programs and organizations to accept their courses to meet the “a-g” subject area requirements. These programs have standardized curriculum that is available to a large number of schools within the state.

All “a-g” approved courses are added to the program’s “a-g” course list. These course lists allows schools served by these programs to easily add the program’s previously approved courses to their own school's “a-g” course lists without submitting a complete course content description.

Programs offering online courses may establish an "a-g" course list if the organization meets the University's criteria for online course publishers.

Advantages of program status

There are several advantages to program status:

  • Saves time with no duplication of course reviews. With program status, once UC has approved a program's course, it may be added to a school’s "a-g" course list without having UC review the same course again.
  • Saves work for the school. Adding a UC-approved program course requires a school to submit only an abridged course description, providing only basic information pertinent to the individual school and course. This means the program course can be added to the school’s "a-g" course list more quickly.

Establishing UC program status

Effective August 1, 2013, applications to establish program status will not be accepted until further notice. The program status policy is under review by the UC faculty.