A-G Course Management Portal

UC is launching a new “a-g” course database system, the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) in February 2015 that aims to make life easier for K-12 teachers, counselors, curriculum developers and administrators.

A-G CMP highlights

Streamlining "a-g" course reviews

The new course submission form has been revised to better align with the UC faculty's revised subject area course criteria creating a more streamlined, efficient and less time consuming "a-g" course submission and review process. The quick-start guide for new courses (coming soon!) gives a comprehensive overview of the required course content information needed for “a-g” review, and can guide you in preparing a course for submission. Our "a-g" course evaluation rubrics are used by our subject area analysts to determine the acceptability of a course for “a-g” approval and provide insight into the subject-specific content, skills and habits of mind our analysts will be looking for in a course's submitted unit descriptions and/or key assignments.

Open repository of "a-g" courses

Registered users can access the repository of "a-g" approved courses and search for courses based on keyword, institution name, course title, grade level, subject area, discipline and/or industry sector. The search results will provide a link to the course's content as submitted to UC. The goal in providing access to the repository of "a-g" courses is to offer access to submissions to assist in the development of your own curriculum and to create a collaborative, statewide K-12 resource.

Individual registration and login credentials

School, district and program instructors and administrators can individually registrar for the A-G CMP and create their own login credentials. In addition, individual users can manage their account settings such as changing their contact information or password.

UC will be reaching out to institutions in early January 2015 to pre-register the head of each institution and their designated “a-g” course list manager based on current system records. These new users will be set up in the A-G CMP first so that they can be ready at the initial A-G CMP launch to manage other user accounts, as needed, for their particular institution.

Customizable user permissions

An "a-g" course list manager can customize the permissions of individual users at their institution's site. They can grant permission to a particular user to draft course submissions, submit new courses, revise existing approved courses, archive courses and/or update the demographic information.

Users that do not have the permission to submit courses for "a-g" review can draft their course submission and forward it to their "a-g" course list manager. The manager will have an opportunity to review the submission prior to submitting the course for "a-g" review on behalf of the course's author.