Cadre of Experts

Some of us need that “human touch.” Our Cadre of Experts are trained for the purpose of assisting educators in developing curriculum for "a-g" approval and offering informal reviews of courses prior to submission to UC. These individuals have expertise in a range of different curricular disciplines, serve in varied professional capacities, represent different sectors of education and school types, and work in all regions of the state.

How the Cadre can help

Cadre members are eager to assist in any way they can. They are prepared to:

  • Provide informal feedback on a draft or completed course prior to submission to UC,
  • Help develop curriculum from concept to complete course description, and
  • Answer general questions pertaining to the “a-g” course development and submission process.

Receiving assistance from a Cadre member will not guarantee a course earning UC approval. Technical support for submitting courses online should be directed to the High School Articulation unit.

Contacting a Cadre member

The Cadre of Experts contact form will be available soon.