UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI)

The UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) program was established in 2010 to foster the development of high school courses that integrate career technical education (CTE) with academic study to satisfy the "a-g" subject requirements for admission to UC and the California State University systems. The UCCI program’s main initiatives include the UCCI Institutes, the UCCI Teacher Exchange Program and the UCCI Conference.

The UCCI Institutes

At the UCCI Institutes, teachers are given the time and resources they need to collaborate successfully on the creation of model integrated courses. UCCI Institutes participants receive a stipend for their work, and the UCCI program covers expenses for lodging and meals. Participants also gain the experience and skills to serve as “teacher leaders” in their schools or districts, guiding their colleagues through the collaborative course-design process to integrate other academic disciplines and CTE industry sectors.

The UCCI Teacher Exchange

UCCI Teacher Exchange events are held at the request of schools, districts or other educational institutions, and are designed to support teachers who are preparing to implement UCCI courses by connecting them with others who are experienced with the courses and who can share lesson plans, materials and insights. At Teacher Exchanges, participants collaborate in small groups, tailoring curriculum to meet the needs of their own students. UCCI Teacher Exchanges are free to participants, and a working lunch is provided.

The UCCI Conference

The UCCI Conference will be held Friday, June 13, from 10 AM - 2 PM, at Nile Hall in Preservation Park in Oakland, CA. The conference is designed for curriculum directors, principals and administrators whose schools or districts are participating in linked learning, are looking for model courses that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards or that are planning to, or already implementing, project-based learning.

Attendees at the UCCI Conference will hear from the University's Associate Director of Admissions - Articulation about the value of integrated curriculum which provides students with Career Technical Education content and skills while also allowing them to fulfill "a-g" subject requirements for freshman admission to the UC and the California State University (CSU) systems. Conference participants will also have the chance to network with colleagues who have similar goals and challenges and to develop partnerships that could benefit their school, teachers and students.

Featured administrators and teachers will share their successes and challenges implementing integrated courses including Algebra 2 for the 21st Century, The Business of Music (or "Business Entrepreneurship") and Spanish for Hospitality Careers.

The UCCI Conference is FREE and a working lunch will be provided. Please email ucci@ucop.edu for more information or with any questions.