Our mission

The High School Articulation unit communicates and implements UC faculty policy regarding high school coursework that fulfills the “a-g” subject requirements for freshman admissions to the University. Our staff evaluate and assess high school courses for quality and rigor. Through a diverse array of resources, we support educators and administrators in designing college-preparatory courses. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the preparation of high school students to attend the University of California.

Our staff

Monica H. Lin, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Articulation, UC Office of the President

As Associate Director in the Department of Student Affairs-Undergraduate Admissions, Monica manages all UC system-wide services, programs and policies related to high school and transfer articulation. She also oversees the broad UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Program, including the UCCI Institutes, which aims to expand UC’s commitment to Career Technical Education (CTE) by increasing high school course offerings statewide that integrate college-preparatory academic work with applied learning in CTE. Monica brings to her role 12 years of experience in both student affairs at UC Berkeley and educational research at the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute. She earned her Ph.D. in education from UCLA.

Nina Costales
High School Articulation Coordinator

Nina is the High School Articulation Coordinator overseeing the “a-g” course approval process for schools, districts and programs that have established UC-approved course lists in the Doorways database. She assists schools who are new to the articulation process, providing guidance to those organizations who are interested in establishing lists for the first time. In her role, Nina has delivered presentations at conferences and workshops to help educators to understand the purpose and criteria for course submissions and the importance of course list accuracy and how to achieve it. Her position has allowed her to collaborate with colleagues from the California Department of Education, WASC and other organizations provide context for the work she does and its role in students pursuit for higher education.  She joined UCOP in 1999 and has been part of the articulation staff since May 2002. As the first person in her family to graduate from college, she believes in the importance of equity and access for all students. 

Hannah Frankel
High School Articulation Analyst

Hannah in her role as the High School Articulation Analyst coordinates many of the key high school articulation functions, programs and services. She focuses on developing tools, resources, and training opportunities to support all institutions and individuals involved with the “a-g” course approval process. This includes overseeing the Cadre of Experts, conducting annual webinars and trainings, developing downloadable guides and manuals, and maintaining the “a-g” Guide website. Hannah started working at UC Office of the President in the High School Articulation unit in 2008 as a student intern. From 2010-2012, she contributed to the inception of the UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institutes and served on the planning committee for the first four Institutes.

Sumali Tuchrello, M.A.
Articulation Program Assistant

Sumali is the newest member of the High School Articulation team who also supports two other programs within the Articulation unit – Transfer Articulation and the UC Curriculum Integration program. For High School Articulation, she serves as the primary public relations contact for schools, parents and students regarding the “a-g” course requirements and technical questions with the Doorways submission website. Internally, she supports the “a-g” Advisory Committee, handles the budget monitoring and operations details for the unit to ensure the daily functions run smoothly. She began her career with the UC Office of the President in 2012 coming from a background of community organizing and public welfare service in southern California.