Frequently asked questions

Our school offers honors sections for our ninth- and 10th-grade courses. We understand that these courses will not receive the UC honors designation. Should these courses be submitted separately for “a-g” approval?

All honors courses, including those that do not meet the criteria for UC honors certification, should be submitted to UC for “a-g” approval and listed separately on the "a-g" course list. The content covered in the regular and honors sections of a curriculum may be similar, but not identical, and thus requires separate course submissions and UC approval. It is also acceptable for these courses to contain “honors” in the course title. Although students will not receive the additional point in the UC GPA for these lower-level honors courses, high schools may still grant an extra point in their locally-computed GPA.

Is there a limit to the number of extra points from UC-certified honors courses that can be added to the UC GPA?

Yes, students may earn up to four years (eight semesters) of honors points of which a maximum of two years (four semesters) of extra honors points can be earned in grade 10. Grades of D or F are not assigned an extra point.

Can a ninth-grade student take an AP or other UC-certified honors-level course?

Most students complete honors-level coursework in grades 11 and 12, although some advanced students may be able to complete these courses earlier. A ninth-grade student may enroll in an AP or other UC-approved honors course and use the course toward fulfilling an "a-g" subject requirement if they earn a grade of C or better. The student will not receive the extra honors weight in their UC GPA because grades from the ninth grade are not included in the UC GPA.

Does UC award the extra honors point if a student completes an AP or IB course, but does not take the exam?

Yes, if a student completes a UC-approved AP or IB course with a grade of C or better they will automatically earn the extra honors point in their UC GPA, even if they did not take the AP or IB exam.

How are AP courses added to an “a-g” course list? Can an AP course be added that is under Audit review?

AP courses may be added to a course list as a previously approved program course. Schools may also add AP courses to their course list as previously approved courses that have been submitted to the AP Audit, but have not yet been approved. Courses defined as previously approved do not require a complete course content description for submission and review.

Are all International Baccalaureate (IB) courses automatically granted the UC honors designation?

UC faculty has approved designated IB courses to receive the UC honors certification. For a list of IB courses that are granted honors status, search for the International Baccalaureate program's “a-g” course list.

We offer a UC-transferable college course at our high school through a dual enrollment program with a local college. Should the college course be listed on our school’s “a-g” course list?

College courses should not be listed on a high school’s “a-g” course list. The student will list the college course on their UC application as taken through the community college. The student will also be required to send a transcript from the college, in addition to their high school transcript, to their matriculated UC campus in July, even if the credits for the college course are also added to the student’s high school transcript.