College-preparatory elective ("g")

One unit (equivalent to one year or two semesters) is required. Courses must fall within, or combine in an interdisciplinary fashion, the “a-f” subject areas.

This requirement can be satisfied by:

  • Completion of one additional, advanced UC-approved “a-f” course, or
  • Completion of a course that has been specifically approved for the elective ("g") area.

Course guidance

The intent of the college-preparatory elective requirement is to encourage prospective UC students to fill out their high school programs with courses that will meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • Strengthen general study skills, particularly analytical reading, expository writing and oral communications;
  • Provide an opportunity to begin work that could lead directly into a major program of study at the University; and
  • Experience, at some depth, new areas of academic disciplines that might form the basis for future major or minor studies at the University.

All courses selected to meet the elective (“g”) requirement are expected to meet standards of quality similar to those required for the “a-f” requirements. Courses acceptable for the “g” subject area should be advanced courses designed for the 11th- and/or 12th-grade and/or have appropriate prerequisites. Elective courses should present material at a sufficient depth to allow students to achieve mastery of fundamental knowledge that prepares them for university work or a future career path. Students are expected to engage in substantial reading and writing, and consistently apply the critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that they will need to be well prepared for university-level coursework.

Elective courses must also meet additional discipline-specific criteria:

Other options for satisfying the “g” subject requirement

UC-transferable college courses or satisfactory scores on SAT Subject, AP or IB exams can also be used to fulfill the college-preparatory elective subject requirement.