Frequently asked questions

Why do some courses on the "a-g" course list have a blue diamond?

The blue diamond denotes that the course can only be used to fulfill the course's respective “a-f” subject area requirement and cannot be used to meet the elective (“g”) requirement. These include beginning-level courses in math, languages other than English and the visual and performing arts. Courses not designated with a blue diamond can be used to satisfy the “g” subject requirement if the student has already fulfilled the minimum requirement for the course's respective “a-f” area.

Do science courses in the “g” elective area require a laboratory component?

Yes, similarly to courses approved in the laboratory science (“d”) subject area, all science courses in the elective subject area must include hands-on laboratory and/or field activities that are directly related to and support the curriculum, and that involve inquiry, observation, analysis and write-up. These hands-on activities should account for at least 20 percent of class time.

The California State University (CSU) system accepts laboratory science courses from the elective (“g”) area to satisfy the “d” subject requirement.  Does UC also allow this?

No, only courses approved in the “d” subject area may be used to satisfy the laboratory science (“d”) subject requirement for UC admissions purposes.

Does UC approve “other” (non-AP and non-IB) honors-level courses in the “g” subject area?

Only AP, designated International Baccalaureate (IB) and UC-transferable college courses receive the UC honors designation in the elective (“g”) subject area.

Are courses designed for the ninth-grade acceptable for the “g” subject area?

With the exception of courses in the laboratory sciences, elective courses are acceptable for the “g” subject area if they are advanced courses designed for the 11th- and 12th- grades. Courses at the 10th-grade level are also acceptable if they have an appropriate prerequisite and meet the elective (“g”) subject area course criteria. In the laboratory science category, ninth- and 10th-grade courses can be approved as electives. These courses should cover topics from the biological, earth or physical sciences and must include laboratory and/or field activities.