Lab science honors-level courses

Course guidance

Honors-level courses in the laboratory sciences are generally in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics and typically require one year of prior laboratory science. Honors-level courses in any other laboratory science (e.g., environmental science, marine biology, etc.) may also be considered for UC honors certification if they require a year of biology, chemistry or physics, as well as at least elementary algebra as prerequisites. The third course in an integrated science sequence may be considered for honors designation if it has the appropriate breadth, depth and prerequisites. All honors-level laboratory science courses should be demonstrably more challenging than the college-preparatory courses required as prerequisites. Topics covered and laboratory exercises must be in depth and involve analysis and research. Each honors-level course must have a comprehensive written final examination, including laboratory concepts. There must be a section of the regular college-preparatory course offered for each honors-level laboratory science course.

UC-approved honors laboratory science courses must also meet the general “a-g” honors-level course criteria.

Sample courses

Samples of honors-level courses approved in the “d” subject area are available for reference as you prepare your own course for UC approval.