Register for the UC Articulation Conference (UCAC) 

The 2017 UCAC A-G Learning Lab is a one-day event where you can attend two workshops: "Manage Your A-G Course List Like a Pro” and “A-G Course Writing, Demystified.” The event is designed to help high schools, district faculty and staff build and maintain a robust "a-g" course list. The deadline to register is January 25th, 2017.

Register for the UCAC at UC Riverside held on Feb. 15th

Register for the UCAC at UC Riverside held on Feb. 16th

Register for the UCAC at UC Davis held on Mar. 20th


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Learn more about UC's criteria for courses seeking  "a-g" approval, and access tools and resources.

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Courses initially submitted during Phase 1 (Feb. 1 - May 31) may have up to two opportunities for resubmission.

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