Feb.1: A-G CMP launches & 2015-16 "a-g" course submission period opens

The A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) is here! Register for the A-G CMP and begin submitting courses for the 2015-16 academic year.

AP course submission changes

AP courses are required to receive AP Course Audit authorization from the College Board prior to submission for “a-g” approval.

The elective ("g") subject requirement

Students can now use any course from the "a-f" subject areas to satisfy the "g" subject requirement.


Writing an "a-g" course submission?

Learn more about UC's criteria for courses seeking "a-g" approval, and access tools and resources.

Submit your new courses early

Courses initially submitted during Phase 1 (Feb. 1 - May 31) may have up to two opportunities for resubmission.

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A-G CMP video tutorials

This series of video tutorials focuses on navigating the A-G Course Management Portal.