FAQs on streamlining UC reporting


  1. For Template #1c (for general campuses), should non-resident numbers be reported as FTE as indicated or as headcount (which is much easier)?
    For Template #1c (nonresident FTE numbers): instead of FTE, please report nonresident numbers as year average headcount consistent with Table 10, "Nonresident Enrollment and Tuition Revenue" of your enrollment projections and report to the OP Budget Office.
  2. Is there an error in Footnote 6 pertaining to CA residents and non-residents receiving NRT exemptions? The statement appears to be contradictory.
    Footnote #6: the language is amended as "excludes CA residents and nonresidents receiving a nonresident tuition exemption" (rather than "includes").
  3. Are health science residents included in the Health Sciences FTE enrollment count?
    Yes, health science residents (including medical residents or “housestaff”) are included in the Health Sciences FTE enrollment count.


  1. We are concerned about under-reporting our actual graduation rates when preparing data for the September 27 deadline. We typically compile these statistics later in the fall after the degrees completed in the summer term have been processed and awarded.
    We understand that campuses may not have finalized their summer degree awards by the September 27 deadline. This is reflected in our current procedure where campuses provide summer degree data to UCOP's IR department in December with these degrees loaded into IR&C's Corporate Student Database in January of each year. This procedure was worked out so that the UC StatFinder application would reflect the summer degrees in its graduation rates. For this year's data submission, please provide the most up-to-date graduation rate available for the September 27 deadline; next year we will re-consider the due date for the graduation rate data.


  1. For Template #3A4 (general campuses only), should campuses reflect or ignore furloughs for purposes of reporting faculty FTE?
    1. Please use regular base FTE unadjusted for furlough or FEP.
    2. For faculty who participated in the Furlough Exchange Program, FTE attributed to the FEP should be considered part of total base FTE. In other words, a faculty member with 92% regular pay and 8% FEP should be shown as 100% FTE.


  1. How should a proposed metric which does not fit into any of the current sections be included in the campus submission?
    Please separately attach at the end of the document any proposed metrics (and accompanying rationale) which do not fit into current sections.