Proposed Revised APM Sections 210-1-c, 220-18-b, and 760-30-a

Comment Period: 5/23/14 - 12/15/14

These proposed changes to four separate APM sections result from a proposal received from the Academic Senate to expand the reasons for “stopping” the eight-year service limitation “clock.”  

June 17, 2014 Extension of Systemwide Review Deadline Cover Letter.pdf

May 23, 2014 Systemwide Review Cover Letter.pdf     

Letter from AC Chair Jacob to VP Carlson.pdf

Draft - APM-210-1-c-4.pdf                                                   

Draft - APM-220-18-b.pdf

Draft - APM-760-30-a.pdf

Please note:  APM - 210-1-d and APM - 133-7-g-j, originally circulated for Systemwide Review along with these policies, are now  being circulated independently for Final Review.  Information on Final Review of APM - 210-1-d can be found here and APM - 133-17-g-j can be found here.