Proposed Revised APM Sections 133-17-g-j, 210-1-c & -d, 220-18-b, and 760-30-a

Comment Period: 5/23/14 - 12/15/14

These proposed changes to four separate APM sections result from two proposals received from the Academic Senate regarding evaluating contributions to diversity and expanding the reasons for “stopping” the eight-year service limitation “clock.”  The cover letter and policy drafts are available in PDF portfolio format as well as individual PDF files. The PDF portfolio is accessible using Internet Explorer or browsers other than FireFox.

Systemwide Review PDF Portfolio.pdf

June 17, 2014 Extension of Systemwide Review Deadline Cover Letter.pdf

May 23, 2014 Systemwide Review Cover Letter.pdf     

Letter from AC Chair Jacob to VP Carlson.pdf

Draft - APM-133-17-g-j.pdf                                                  Draft - APM-210-1-d.pdf

Draft - APM-210-1-c-4.pdf                                                    Draft-APM-220-18-b.pdf

Draft - APM-760-30-a.pdf